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Dalian Xingyeyuan Group was founded in 2000. During the development of enterprises in recent decades, Xingyeyuan's fruits have won the trust of customers with the reputation of nutrition, health, safety and traceability of quality. Xingyeyuan always adheres to the service concept of "sincere and credible, everything is possible", devotes itself to the development of China's fruit planting industry, and "build Xingyeyuan" brand fruit. Xingyeyuan team has more than 2,000 employees, more than 108,000 professional fruit growers following the development of Xingyeyuan, and 51 own fruit bases. The country has built 41 cold-chain logistics network distribution centers, which can cover all the sales networks in the country, ensuring that the fruit of Xingye Base can be picked and sold one-stop shop, not missing the best shelf life of 48 hours, reducing sales losses, prolonging shelf life and meeting customers'taste needs. Xingyeyuan was awarded "Fruit Supply Enterprise of the Twelfth National Games".

The Whole IndustrialChain of XINGYEYUAN
Fruit and Vegetable Base
Breeding and seedling raising
Planting production
Refrigeration and Freshness Preservation
Sorting process
Transport Sales
Starting from the source, every link of fruit breeding, seedling cultivation, production, sorting, processing, refrigeration, freshness preservation, transportation and sales are strictly checked, and the whole process control is carried out. The fruit produced in the base is truly realized, and the supply system of quality, safety, nutrition, health and traceability throughout the whole process is realized.
Xingyeyuan has built 41 cold-chain logistics network distribution centers throughout the country, covering 186 cities, 20,000 stores, with annual sales of 2.5 billion yuan. It has formed strategic partners with Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Darunfa, Beijing Hualian and other large domestic supermarket chains.
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